As an independent, family business, with over 40 years’ experience in selling, installing and servicing water softeners we know most of the water softeners available and can recommend the ones with the best reputation for reliability, efficiency and performance.

Infinity T4 Water Softener

A high performance, compact, block salt water softener built specifically for the UK. This non-electric, twin-tank machine is one of the best on the market and guarantees soft water throughout your home all day, every day.

Infinity Ultra Water Softener

The big brother to the Infinity T4, this non-electric, twin-tank water softener is designed to offer softened water to larger properties.

TwinTec S4 Water Softener

The TwinTec S4 has been designed and engineered in the UK to work with all types of British plumbing systems and all sizes of family, just to make life simple. Conforms to British Standard BS14743. (Patented)

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